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Bernard TETU, choirmaster

Bernard Tétu leads a three-fold career in music as Conductor, Choir Master and Conducting Professor.

Founder, in 1979, of the Choirs attached to the National Orchestra of Lyon (including a Chamber Choir of particularly outstanding quality), Bernard Tétu has conducted many symphonic orchestras as well as a number of contemporary and ancient music ensembles. He is very often requested to perform abroad (Belgium, Canada, China, England, Germany, Israel, Poland and Spain).

Bernard Tétu conducts the vocal ensemble, the “Solistes de Lyon” and several of the main professional French Choirs. Regularly invited to sit on the jury of international competitions, he gives many Master Classes.

Bernard Tétu is considered nowadays as one of the best performers of Romantic German Music and of the French Music of the XIXth and XX the centuries. He has recorded over 25 records including the world première of the “Birth of Venus” of Gabriel Fauré and of “Athalie” of Mendelssohn. His recordings of Brahms, Berlioz, Debussy and Caplet are major references of contemporary and ancient music. In addition to being the first to perform Purcell’s King Arthur and the “Livre Vermeil” of Montserrat, Bernard Tétu has found works of M.A. Charpentier and M.A. Ingegneri that he was the first to record. He is also responsible for the creation of pieces by Antoine Duhamel, Gilbert Amy, Gilles Tremblay, Maurizio Kagel, Maurice Ohana, Jean Françaix.

At the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Lyon, Bernard Tétu created the first class that existed in France for the training of professional Choir Masters.

Bernard Tétu is “Officier des Arts et des Lettres.”  He has received several awards including the “Prix Jacques Cartier,” as well as the “Prix de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]